Shortfill E-liquid & Nic Shots

Shortfill e-liquid refers to larger bottles of liquid in 0mg nicotine strength, including 50ml, 100ml & 250ml bottles that are only filled to 80% capacity, hence short fill. The remaining space allows you to add a nicotine shot/s to create a liquid to your desired nicotine strength as below (or none if you want zero nicotine liquid):

E-liquid (ml)Strength of 10ml Nic Shot (mg/ml)Nicotine ShotsFinal Result
501512.5mg in 60ml
501813mg in 60ml
801511.6mg in 90ml
801812mg in 90ml
801523mg in 100ml
801823.6mg in 100ml

15mg Nic Shots are HERE

18mg Nic Shots are HERE

Bottle ready for nicotine shot adding

Remove nib to add nicotine

Add nicotine to bottle

It’s worth mentioning that many nic shots are VG based which is quite thick and in cold weather it get’s thicker. I just sit them in a box on the radiator or in a cup with a bit of hot water in for a while to make the VG become runnier and easy to use.

After you’ve added the required nic shot, replace the nib and cap and shake vigorously to mix it together.

Additionally most eliquid comes in chubby bottles with a thin nib like above. This can make the higher VG liquids harder to squeeze out. I’ve found that cutting the nib down makes it a lot easier to squeeze the bottle to make liquid come out at a reasonable rate, as shown below.

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