Swag Organic Cotton – ULTEMP 1 Metre


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SWAG Project Cotton: ULTEMP

We used to use cotton bacon till we found swag ultemp. It is the best value cotton out there.

Let’s hear what the Swag Project have to say:

The Team at The Swag Project  are all avid Vapers and have been vaping for a number of years.

Swag Cotton was born on February 18 2018 out of frustration when using cotton that did not deliver on what it promised.

We noticed that some brands lasted longer but the flavour would be under par. Some brands delivered on flavour but then the cotton would need to be changed daily.  There was always some compromise which the team was not going to accept.

Team Swag  knew there must be a way to combine amazing flavour and absorbency with a cotton that lasted longer than a day.

After months of hard work and research Swag Cotton was born.

The cotton that is scientifically formulated to handle ultra high temperature

Can handle temps up to 300 degrees

Lasts Longer than other brands

Fewer dry hits than your average cotton

100% Organic Material

No Odour

Superior Flavour

Amazing Absorbency Rates

No bleaching.

The best cotton fibre in the world.

Try it to believe it.

Cotton Fibre: 62.5%
Cellulose Fibre: 37.4%
Water Insoluble Matter: 0.09%


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