Wotofo SMRT PnP Mesh-Cotton Set NexMESH Turbo


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The SMRT PnP Mesh-Cotton Set is a set of products that are compatible with the Wotofo SMRT Pod Kit that give you a range of options to customise your vaping experience.

SMRT PnP Mesh-Cotton Set

The SMRT PnP Mesh-Cotton Set is a convenient solution for vaping enthusiasts looking to customise their vaping experience through the SMRT Pod Kit. Veteran vapers who love rebuilding their vapes to enjoy a tailor-made vaping experience through RDAs and RTAs. The SMRT Pod Kit allows you to enjoy pod vapers the chance to increase their interaction with the vape and customise it to suit their needs. The SMRT PnP Mesh-Cotton set is a complete solution to help you customise your vaping experience. These mesh and coils come with different features that let you enjoy three distinct types of vaping experiences based on your preferences.

nexMESH Turbo

The nexMESH Turbo is perfect for pod vapers who want to turn up the heat a little bit. It enhances the performance of your SMRT Pod Kit to give you a bolder and clearer experience. Expect heightened flavour with thicker vapour production to kick things up a notch. For pod vapers who love a little more intensity without excessive heat, the nexMESH Turbo can be an ideal customisation option for your vape pod and a faster ramp up time.

Package Contents in SMRT PnP Mesh-Cotton Set (nexMESH Turbo)

10 x nexMESH Turbo Mesh Strips (0.2ohm)
10 x Cotton Strip


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